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GYK Ayurveda cares for your needs and makes products that genuinely help your skin to glow and hair to shine. We came into existence when we realised this is essential to form the products which are based on Ayurveda and all the ingredients should be pure and natural. You all know that ayurveda has the power to solve every health and skin problem and we promise you to provide authentic products.


We have a wide range of beauty products that are most helpful for your skin. Must try our wide range of skin care products – Face Wash with natural ingredients, Face Cream for natural glowing skin, D-Tan for shiny skin.


 Must try our 100% Ayurvedic Hairnique Hair oil to solve all your hair problems like hair fall, premature graying and hair damage. We have all essential products for all, grooming for men, skin enhancement, hair & beauty for women etc.

We prepare products that are based on Ayurveda. With zero harmful chemicals and handful of natural ingredients we deliver the ayurvedic treatment to your doorstep.

Undoubtedly we care for you and we make it possible to form natural and ayurvedic products. Modern cosmetics can harm your skin and hair and it will affect you in the long run but we care for you and we promise you to provide genuine and working products. 

Our Objective

We want to provide you with natural and ayurvedic products and give you the chemical free products that don’t harm your skin and hair. Our research with professionals has continued from several years and we make the products more natural and pure for your skin and hair.

We have a bunch of effective products some are 100% ayurvedic and some are natural & based on Ayurveda.

Our mission is to deliver happiness to every home and make your skin and hair healthy. We will come to you with more effective products in future.

Why GYK Ayurveda

We prepare products that are dermatologically tested and ready to use. We at GYK have many more professionals who continuously research making productive and working products. You don’t need to worry for your skin, leave it on us and use our products without any fear.

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